African American rhinoplasty: what it is and best candidates

Would you like to change the appearance of the nose you were born with? You’re not alone, because rhinoplasty or nose surgery is a very common procedure among men and women in the US, including African Americans.

What is African American Rhinoplasty?

African American rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that is done to alter the appearance of the nose, in people of African American descent. It typically involves narrowing the nostrils, or elevating the bridge of the nose. The goal of African American rhinoplasty is to create facial harmony and balance, while maintaining the patient’s unique ethnic features.

African American Rhinoplasty is a customized procedure that must be done based on the specific aspects of the patient’s face. Before performing African American rhinoplasty, the plastic surgeon will conduct a thorough evaluation of the patient’s nose, and discuss their aesthetic goals. Based on the foregoing, the surgeon will be able to determine the best way to alter the nose, so as to achieve facial harmony.

Patients wishing to undergo African American Rhinoplasty, should choose a plastic surgeon with the surgical skills and expertise to achieve a cosmetic result that improves the appearance of their nose, while maintaining ethnic consistency.

Who is a good candidate for African American rhinoplasty?

African Americans that are unhappy with the size or shape of their nose, but want to preserve their ethnic identity, may be good candidates for African American rhinoplasty. Candidates for African American rhinoplasty typically seek to refine a bulbous tip, or narrow a wide nasal base or wide bridge (click here to learn more).

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