Is there an alternative to reading glasses?

For many people over the age of 40, reading glasses is a necessary part of life. They often notice a marked decline in vision by the age of 40, especially when reading fine print. Reading glasses is generally recommended for dealing with this eye condition, but they may not fit in with your youthful image. So is there an alternative to reading glasses?

Why reading fine print gets difficult after age 40
As we get older, changes take place in the lens of the eyes, causing a reduction in vision. This happens because the lenses harden, and the eye muscles find it harder to focus on objects that are near to the face. This condition is known as presbyopia.

Presbyopia is a condition that is marked by blurred vision when viewing objects up close, and is a natural occurrence due to age. People with the condition have to hold objects at arm’s length in order to read them. Prescription eyeglasses has traditionally been the recommended solution for maintaining vision if you have presbyopia, but now there is KAMRA inlay treatment.

KAMRA Inlay Treatment
KAMRA Inlay is a revolutionary new treatment for presbyopia. It involves the insertion of a very small eye implant into the cornea of the eye. The implant is a mini-ring with a tiny opening at the center.

The corneal implant is inserted in one eye and provides natural vision, as it restores near vision, while maintaining distance vision. There are some notable side-effects of the KAMRA Inlay. These include difficulty with night vision, blurry vision, and double vision.

If you are interested in undergoing the KAMRA Inlay and tossing out your reading glasses, contact New View Eye Center, Reston, VA. Call us today at 703-834-9777 and book an appointment with Dr. Jacqueline Griffiths.

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