The best emergency room tablets: What to look for

Technology has initiated significant transformation in healthcare in the last few years, and nowhere is this more noticeable than in the emergency room (ER). The ER is a busy place that depends on getting information quickly, soit’s not surprising that medical tablets are now making a vital contribution in this area. But it’s certainly important to know how to identify the best emergency room tablets, and what to look for.

Medical Tablets in ER
Medical tablets give clinicians in the emergency room easy access to the information they need, so that they can make the best decisions regarding patient care. Ideally, ER medical tablets should be versatile, lightweight devices that physicians can carry around easily,as they move from patient to patient.

Here are some other features that you can find in the best emergency room medical tablets:
• Superior Processing Power: Medical tablets for the ER should be well-equipped to securely capture and manage data, and efficiently share data when needed. They should also be able to run multiple applications simultaneously, and allow for the speedyretrieval and updating of electronic health records.

• Minimal maintenance. Medical tablets used in the ER should be available 24/7, and must therefore have limitless battery life. The ER tablet should remain up and running while you swap batteries.

• Rugged: The ER is a hectic place, so the medical tabletmust be able to withstand any bumps or spills. It should therefore have a shatter-resistant screen to ensure that it won’t get damaged in the extreme work environment of the ER.

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