What are the best IT improvements in the quality of healthcare?

For several years now, the major players in the healthcare industry have recognized that better health outcomes can only be achieved by improving the quality of healthcare. Innovations in IT have done a lot push this transformation forward. So let’s take a look at what are some of the best IT improvements in the quality of healthcare.

Patient-provider technologies rank among the most significant advances in healthcare today. They allow medical personnel to monitor patients more effectively, so that they can receive care in a timely manner. Infotainment terminals and medical PCs, have been important developments in this regard.

Infotainment Terminals
Infotainment Terminals have certainly helped to make the hospital stay more comfortable, as it gives patients access to communication and entertainment services. Studies have shown that improved user experience is a very effective way to reduce hospital readmission rates, and manage costs.

Medical PCs, medical tablets, mobile nursing carts
Medical grade PCs, medical tablets, and mobile nursing carts, are a few of the products that have been developed to meet the specific needs of the healthcare industry. These devices make it possible to integrate patient health records into a single platform. Medical personnel therefore have easier access to the information and resources they need, especially at critical moments.

Medical PCs and tablets are versatile devices that allow medical personnel access to patient records on the go. It also allows them to record and share patient information securely.

Mobile nursing carts improve efficiency, as they streamline tasks such as dispensing medication, and updating daily charts. There is also less chance of making errors, or losing patient information.

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