What is the Best laser for treating facial veins & rosacea?

If you are struggling with facial veins and rosacea, and you’ve tried everything but nothing seems to work, you may be a good candidate for laser therapy. However it’s important to be aware that not all lasers work well to address these symptoms, so be sure to find out what is the best laser for treating facial veins and rosacea.

Although there is no cure for rosacea, it is possible to destroy the extra facial veins and flushing associated with the condition, with laser therapy.

What is the best laser for treating facial veins and rosacea?
There are a variety of cosmetic laser technologies on the market, but the pulsed dye laser isconsidered the most effective for treating facial veins and rosacea.

How the pulsed dye laser clears facial veins and rosacea
The pulsed dye laser emits an intense beam of light at a specific wavelength that targets the blood vessels. The light from the laser is absorbed by the blood vessels or red areas of the skin. The laser heat then destroys the lining of the blood vessels, and also breaks up areas of redness.

Patients will notice some improvement after one treatment, but it will take 2-4 treatments to achieve the best outcome.

In order to ensure safety and get optimal results, pulsed dye laser treatment must be performed by a trained and experienced medical professional, preferably a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

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