Can Electronic Health Record Systems Help Control Costs for Clinicians?

Electronic health records (EHRs) are now an important component of healthcare worldwide. The exchange of information that takes place via EHRs has made healthcare more cost effective, and improved quality of care. But can electronic health record systems help control costs for clinicians.

In an effort to encourage clinicians to use EHRs, the federal government introduced the Merit-based Incentive Payment System” (MIPS). MIPS is an incentive-based program that is used to measure the extent to which clinicians use EHRs. Electronic health records are also used to identify how well clinicians are reducing overuse and waste, and thereby controlling costs.

In order to participate in MIPS clinicians must submit data and performance in 4domains – Resource Use, Quality, Advancing Care Information, and Clinical Practice Improvement Activities. Clinicians receive scores in each category, and the final score is compared to the threshold score that is set by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) each year. Clinicians are paid based on the value of services provided.

How Electronic Health Record Systems Help Control Costs for Clinicians
By utilizing EHRs clinicians can increase efficiencies and realize cost savings. Having centralized patient records reduces the time it takes to communicate with labs, hospitals, and other clinicians. It also reduces time spent doing paperwork such as billing or filling out forms, and information can be delivered faster and more efficiently.

EHRs also help reduce incidences of duplicate testing since all the patient’s health information is in one place. Records can therefore be quickly reviewed and verified.

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