How can healthcare IT create a Smart Connected Hospital?

Healthcare IT has been driving innovation in hospitals by automating workflow, and improving communication between patients and medical staff. These advances have helped to develop the smart connected hospital that has enriched the quality of healthcare, but how can healthcare IT create a smart connected hospital.

What is a Smart Connected hospital?
A smart connected hospital is one that is fully integrated, due to the use of wireless technology systems that provide up-to-date information on a timely basis. This is made possible by the provision of mobile connection toElectronic Health Records (EHRs), which are accessible to various departments throughout the hospital.

How healthcare IT and the Smart Connected Hospital
Healthcare IT provides the tools that drive the smart connected hospital. There are a wide range of IT technologies such as mobile EHR devices, medical PCs, medical tablets, infotainment terminals, and more, which are linked in to the EHR.

These devices make it possible for doctors and nurses to have instantaneous access to a patient’s health records. They can also connect with other medical professionals involved in providing care. Patients are also linked via infotainment terminals to hospital intranets, doctors, friends, and relatives.


  • There is a seamless flow of data. The availability of accurate patient data allows medical personnel to spend less time on administrative tasks, which frees them up to focus on patient care.


  • There is improved patient care and better outcomes. Errors are minimized, as nurses no longer have to manually input information. In addition, doctors can make informed decisions, and discuss these with patients at their bedside.

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