How Can You Prevent cyber-attacks at your healthcare facility?

Hospital networks are increasingly being targeted by cyber attackers, so now more than ever before, hospitals need help infending off hackers. Hospital administrators are therefore turning to cyber security experts to find out – How can we prevent cyber-attacks at our healthcare facility?

No healthcare facility wants to become the victim of cyber criminals, and face the possibility of millions of medical records falling into the wrong hands. That’s why hospitals are now making every effort to implement strategies designed to prevent ransomware attacks.

Below are some of the strategies that healthcare facilities can implement in order to avoid data breaches:

  • Upgrading old computer systems, and replacing them with new devices that meet the current security demands. In addition, all devices that hold patient data should be encrypted, and this includes mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Encryption is vital for the protection of patient information, as it prevents health records from being read or understood except by authorized individuals that have the relevant ‘key’ to decipher the data.
  • Ensuring networks are protected, especially wireless networks. Wireless routers should be regularly updated, and all networks should be secured with passwords, which must be changed frequently. The network security system should also block unauthorized devices.
  • Regularly backing up data. It’s vital to safeguard data by backing up important files using efficient methods, and storing them on an external drive.

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