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Can botox relieve the symptoms of TMJ

Are you experiencing jaw pain due to TMJ syndrome?  TMJ disorders can cause severe discomfort when left untreated.  Symptoms of TMJ can be eased using both surgical and non-surgical methods, and botox has recently been added as an alternative treatment.  But can botox relieve symptoms of TMJ.  

What is TMJ

The temporomandibular joint or TMJ is the joint that connects the lower jaw to the skull.   TMJ disorders can develop as a result of a jaw injury, excessive teeth grinding, or wear and tear on the joint over time. 

Symptoms of TMJ

Symptoms of TMJ include pain along the jawline, soreness and discomfort in the jaw, pain when chewing, severe headaches, and locking of the jaw joint.

Can botox relieve symptoms of TMJ

Botox is considered a safe, effective treatment for the recurring jaw discomfort associated with TMJ.  Botox is an outpatient procedure that takes approximately 30 minutes.

When botox is injected directly into specific facial muscles, it significantly reduces pain by limiting the contraction of the muscles.  As the muscles relax there is less clenching of the jaw and grinding of the teeth, but everyday actions such as chewing and speaking are not affected (learn more).  

What to expect after botox for TMJ?

Swelling and bruising may occur after botox treatment, but usually resolve in a few hours. 

When will I see results and how long does botox last?

Some patients notice an improvement in TMJ symptoms within 1-2 days of botox treatment, but relief can take up to one week.  Botox is a temporary solution for TMJ and typically lasts 3-4 months.  Once muscle function returns, additional treatments will be needed to ensure continued relief.

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What to look for in the best oral surgeon

If you have to undergo oral surgery, finding the best surgeon will ensure that you have a safe, comfortable experience.  Determining the surgeon that’s the right fit for your needs doesn’t have to be complicated, you simply have to do some research among the preferred surgeons in your area, and know what to look for. 

What to look for in the best oral surgeon

  • Training and credentials

Review the educational achievements and memberships of the oral surgeon.  Choose a surgeon that graduated from an accredited dental school, and therefore has the required dental training and credentials.  Additional training is also valuable and helpful when performing complex procedures, so make sure that the surgeon also meets these criteria.

  • Experience

The oral surgeon must have the experience and specialty training needed to perform the procedure you’re interested in.  A surgeon with years in the field will have more expertise, and is typically well-informed about the latest technological advances in oral surgery.

  • Good bedside manner

Choose an oral surgeon with a good bedside manner, as they will provide a more comfortable experience for you.  The surgeon should be willing to listen to your concerns, and address any issues you have about the operation.  Look at reviews posted by past patients and take note of their opinions of the surgeon, as well as the surgical process.

It’s also important to verify that the operation will be done in a fully accredited surgical facility (click here to learn more).

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Will I Have a Scar After Mohs Surgery?

Mohs surgery is a highly successful treatment for skin cancer, but since the face is one of the areas skin cancer often appears, post-surgical scarring is always a concern. So it’s understandable that patients typically want to know whether or not they will have a scar after Mohs surgery.

What is Mohs surgery?

Mohs surgery is an effective treatment for specific types of lesions caused by basal cell carcinoma (BCC), and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC). BCC and SCC are the most common forms of skin cancer. Mohs surgery was developed in the 1930’s by Frederic E. Mohs, MD.

Will I have a scar after Mohs Surgery?

Mohs surgery is a surgical procedure that is designed to minimize scarring, so while there will be scars after surgery, they are usually very small and fade over time. In cases where the wound is larger and cannot be allowed to heal naturally, reconstructive options such as skin flaps and skin grafts are used to assist with healing.

Post-surgical wound care can help make scars less visible. As a result, patients should closely follow the post-operative instructions of their plastic surgeon, particularly with regards to limiting sun exposure, and caring for the surgical wound.

It can take up to 6 months for the skin to heal completely ater Mohs surgery, so patients should wait for the final result before considering any wound healing procedure.

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What does being a GSA Schedule Contract Holder mean for a company?

Doing business with the federal government can be a complex process, but it is made easier for companies that hold a GSA Schedule Contract. While a GSA Schedule contract is not required to do business with a federal agency, it is certainly beneficial. But what does being a GSA Schedule contract holder mean for a company.

What is a GSA schedule contract?
A General Services Administration (GSA) schedule contract is a long term contract that allows the holder to sell products and services to federal agencies.

How a company benefits as a GSA Schedule Contract Holder
Federal agencies are more likely to make purchases from companies that have GSA schedule contracts, because the process is already streamlined.  When doing business with a GSA schedule contract holder, the agency can rest assured that the prices, delivery times, and warranties are already pre-negotiated. This makes the acquisition process a lot simpler, as there is less paperwork.

A company that has a GSA schedule contract is viewed as a trusted source from which to purchase. They have already received the sealof approval, so a federal agency will consider them a suitable company with which to do business.

Companies that have a GSA schedule contract can be easily located via online GSA systems such as GSA Advantage. They can therefore be quickly accessed by buyers wishing to purchase their goods or services.

Onyx Healthcare USA Inc, located in Orange, CA was recently named a GSA Schedule contract holder. Onyx Healthcare is a leading provider of medically focused computer solutions. Being a preferred provider is certain to provide Onyx with added visibility, and facilitate more sales.

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What is the latest treatment for Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is one of the main causes of vision loss in older people. It is an eye disorder that is usually treated with the use of medicated eye drops, but people often forget to take their eye drops as needed. As a result of this, new treatments are being looked at, but what is the latest treatment for glaucoma?

What is glaucoma?
Glaucoma is an eye disease that damages the optic nerves, and also causes visual field loss. The optic nerves are responsible for transmitting messages from the eyes to the brain, so thatyou can see images.  When the optic nerves are damaged, visual images cannot be transmitted, and this leads to vision loss. Damage to the optic nerves occurs as a result of high eye pressure, or intra ocular hypertension.

Latest treatment for glaucoma
The glaucoma ring is the latest treatment for glaucoma. It is a medicated time-release device that is placed on the surface of the eye, and delivers daily drops of medication. This is especially beneficial for older people, who often forget to take their medication as required.

How it works
The silicone ring is inserted into the eye below the eyelids, and it delivers the glaucoma drug over a period of 6 months. This helps to relieve internal eye pressure, thereby reducing possible vision loss from glaucoma. Lowering eye pressure is a very effective way to manage glaucoma.

Studies into the effectiveness of the glaucoma ring are continuing, and the device has not yet been approved by the FDA, so it is not yet available.

Patients in Northern Virginia and Washington, DC can contact Dr. Jacqueline Griffiths of the New View Eye Center, Reston, VA for more information on glaucoma. Call (703) 834-9777 today to set up a consultation.

Can You Have LASIK Twice?

Can You have Lasik surgery twice? This is one of the most commonly asked questions about Lasik surgery, especially by those contemplating the procedure. Patients generally want some assurance that the procedure can be safely repeated, if the results from the initial surgery are not satisfactory.

Lasik Surgery
Lasik surgery is done to correct refractive vision disorders such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, and involves the removal of a portion of the corneal tissue, and the reshaping of the surface of the eye.

Can you have Lasik twice?
There are certain circumstances under which Lasik surgery can be repeated. This is commonly referred to as Lasik enhancement. Lasik may be re-done if there were shortcomings with the initial surgery, and a touch-up will help you achieve better vision. This is often recommended if your vision is poor after Lasik, or your distance vision has become blurry.

Patients will have to be thoroughly assessed by their ophthalmologist to ensure that a second procedure is warranted. The doctor will want to rule out the presence of any other condition or eye disease that may be limiting vision.

Your suitability for a second Lasik procedure will depend on several factors, including whether or not there is sufficient corneal tissue. For this reason, eye surgeons are careful to remove only a miniscule amount of tissue when performing Lasik. This is done using advanced lasers that are able to precisely target the cornea.

Lasik enhancement is not common, as most Lasik procedures achieve satisfactory results the first time around (learn more).

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Is Latisse safe for your eyes?

Latisse is the new eyelash enhancer that can grow your eyelids and make them longer and fuller. But is Latisse safe for your eyes? Latisse is an ophthalmic solution, therefore if any of the solution does get in your eyes it is not expected to cause any harm, but be sure to rinse the eye. Also, take careful note of the possible side-effects, and adhere to the safety instructions.

What is Latisse?
Latisse is a prescription drug that has been approved by the FDA for the thickening and lengthening of the eye lashes. The product should be applied to the base of the eyelashes using the approved applicator brush. The results with Latisse are not immediate, as the lashes grow gradually, but there is noticeable growth after about 4 weeks. The full results can take up to 16 weeks.

Is Latisse Safe?
If you are contemplating using Latisse for longer lashes, you should be aware of possible side-effects. On their website www.latisse.com, the manufacturer notes that there are some possible side-effects when using Latisse. These include eye irritation, dryness of the eyelids, redness of the eyelids, and darkening of the eyelid skin. These side-effects are usually temporary. A few cases of darkening of the iris have also been reported, and unfortunately this is not reversible .

Clients are further advised to avoid applying Latisse to the lower eyelids. Also, if you wear contact lens, be sure to remove them before putting on Latisse. In order to ensure the safety of your eyes, Latisse should be applied only as directed using the sterile applicator.

If you have any questions or concerns about Latisse, contact Envision Eye and Laser Center, Bowie, MD. Call 301-805-4664 today and schedule a consultation with Renee Bovelle, MD, to find out if you would be a good candidate (learn more).

My daughter competes in gymnastic – how I can I aid in reducing bone stress injuries and fractures?

Sprains, fractures, and tears, are common injuries among gymnasts. Therefore it’s not surprising that concerned mothers often ask their physician, – “My daughter competes in gymnastics – how I can I aid in reducing bone stress injuries and fractures?” The answer is not a simple one, as research reveals that bone stress injuries and fractures occur more frequently among females that suffer from a condition known as the ‘female athlete triad.’

Causes of bone stress injuries and fractures in female athletes
Studies carried out indicate that many of the girls and women who participate in sports like gymnastics that require a lean physique, are susceptible to the female athlete triad.Gymnasts regularly perform routines that see them having to ‘fly through the air,’ and many of them believe that they can be more easily accomplished, if they are smaller and slimmer.

Achieving that physical ideal often requires restrictive eating, which is one of the prongs of the female athlete triad. However, the desire to eat less and become thinner has some serious side-effects such as low energy, and diminished bone density. This often ends up hurting sporting performance, as it leads to stress injuries and fractures.

Preventing stress injuries and fractures
Stress fractures are often the result of overuse, and inadequate nutrition that causes the bones to become weak, and unable to handle added stress. The key to preventing fractures therefore lies in avoiding overuse, and maintaining a proper diet that will keep the bones strong and healthy .

If you are concerned about your child developing bone stress injuries and fractures, then it is best to consult an orthopedic surgeon. Clients in south Florida can contact Frank McCormick, MD, of the SOAR Institute. Call 866-956-3837 to schedule an appointment.

Is it better to buy my prescription glasses online to save money?

Chances are you can save big and get a deal on your prescription glasses online, but is it  really a safe option. Ordering online often requires doing an online vision test, which is certainly not enough to provide accurate results. With this is mind; is it better to buy your prescription glasses online to save money?

Buying your prescription glasses online should not be your first option, but this can be done if:

1.    You are sure that the vendor meets the US standards. Do some checks to ensure the optical quality of the lenses and frames. This should include them having a return policy that allows you to return the glasses, if they are unsatisfactory.

2.    You are not at risk for eye disease: When you visit your ophthalmologist you are given a comprehensive eye exam, and they also check for any irregularities. This is not possible with an online vision test. So if you have a family history of eye disease, or wear severe corrective lenses, online prescription glasses is not for you.

3.    You already have a prescription from your ophthalmologist. Armed with this, you can check out reputable vendors for prescription eyewear, and shop around to get deals on lenses and frames.

You can certainly save on prescription eyeglasses by buying them online. Just be sure to remember these 3 simple tips.  However, if you are over the age of 39, it’s best to visit your ophthalmologist for an eye exam, to ensure you are not at risk of any of the eye diseases that occur due to aging.

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How can I reduce my chances of re-injuring my ACL after surgery?

ACL injuries are all too common among athletes, and are often the result of landing awkwardly after a jump. Many athletes find it challenging to return to sports after injury, and some are fearful of re-injuring their ACL. So one of the questions they often ask is – How can I reduce my chances of re-injuring my ACL after surgery.

The ACLanterior cruciate ligament helps to stabilize the knee joint;therefore an injury affects the full function of the knee.

Here are 3 things you can do to reduce your chances of reinjuring your ACL

1.    Don’t return to active sports before recovering full strength and range of motion, as well as good stability.This may mean being out of action for up to 12 months, to ensure that the ACL is fully recovered.
2.    Do include a hip and trunk training program as part of your rehabilitation. Studies have shown that the combination of balance and strength body weight exercises along with Plyometricsreduces loads through the hip, knees, and ankles. This decreases muscle stress, and the risk of an ACL re-injury.
3.    Do continue to practice proper landing and deceleration even after rehabilitation. Knowing and using these techniques will reduce force, put less strain on the body, and reduce the risk of injury.

The re-injury to the ACL can be very devastating for athletes, but deciding when to return after injury is never easy. However, it is important not to rush your return to sporting activities.

For more information on reverse shoulder arthroplasty, contact orthopedic surgeon Dr. Frank McCormick. Dr. McCormick can be contacted at the LESS Institute with offices in Miami, Boca Raton, Orlando, Doral, and West Palm Beach. Call 866-956-3837 to schedule an appointment.