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Will Technology Increase Your Workload?

Electronic health records (EHRs) and other technological developments in healthcare, have enhanced patient care, and positively impacted medical processes. However despite the benefits, some physicians have complained that these new systems have increased their workload. But will technology really increase your workload.

Will Technology Increase Your Workload?
The introduction of technology in healthcare though beneficial, has brought with it new responsibilities for doctors.

Doctors now have to meet federal regulations relating to the ‘meaningful use’ of EHRs. This is a time-intensive exercise that requires tedious administrative work. In fact, some physicians are reporting that they are experiencing burnout because of the increased workload, and this has the potential to adversely impact healthcare delivery in the long term.

The truth is, if EHR is not properly implemented, doctors can end up paying more attention to the computer screen, thereby decreasing physician-patient interaction. When EHRs are not optimized, doctors aren’t able to enter information quickly, so they spend more time inputting data, and this takes away from time with patients. So technology can increase your workload, but it doesn’t have to.

In order to avoid the issue of increased workload, healthcare facilities need to make the integration of EHR a seamless process, by ensuring that the implementation process is guided by a quality expert (learn more).

The role of the quality expert is to make certain that the technology being earmarked matches the needs of the department. The technology should be relevant, easy-to-use, and improve workflows and efficiency.

In addition, healthcare facilities should seek to engage physicians and nurses in the decision making process, and provide the necessary training.

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What to Look For in an EHR Provider

If your healthcare organization is embarking on an electronic health record (EHR) implementation project, selecting the right provider will be a challenging task. It takes time and planning to find the EHR system that meets your needs. So it’s important to know what to look for in an EHR provider.

Importance of choosing the right EHR provider
EHRs are now an integral part of modern healthcare, as they enhance the efficiency of clinicians and improve the quality of care to patients. Since EHRs contain critical information about a patient’s medical history, medications, lab and test results, and much more, keeping them safe and protected from cyberattacks is top priority. That’s why choosing the right EHR provider is such an important decision.

What to look for in an EHR provider
The EHR provider must have a system that is relevant and interoperable. Healthcare organizations should closely review EHR systems to ensure that they measure up to the needs of the organization. They must also be able to integrate with the technology currently in place, in order to ensure interoperability. The EHR system must align closely to the needs of the healthcare organization.

The EHR provider should only sell certified EHR technology. In particular the technology ought to meet the criteria of the EHR Incentive Program, and therefore have the ability to meet meaningful use benchmarks.

The EHR system being provided by the vendor should have a proven record of success. Ideally, customers should ask to see the system in action by visiting a healthcare organization similar to their own, which has already implemented the EHR system being considered.

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What to look for in an electronic health records provider

Electronic health records (EHR) are now an important part of the health care system, and they need to be secure and protected. When deciding on an EHR vendor select a company that can provide the software that meets the needs of your healthcare environment. But what are some of the things you need to look for in an electronic health records provider?

There are many different EHR providers to choose from, so do your research and gather as much information as possible about potential vendors. Ensure that they are certified, and have the requisite experience. This isimportant;in order to guarantee that your practice meets the government’s reporting requirements.

What to look for in an electronic health records provider
If you are only purchasing software systems from the EHR provider, you need to verify that the systems under consideration are compliant with the medical equipment you have at your hospital or medical practice. Before selecting a vendor, it’s essential to confirm that the software system can integrate with the existing medical devices.

EHRs contain up-to-date patient information, and the safety of those records is paramount. So when selecting an EHR provider, you want to ensure that the systems have the safeguards in place to protect against cyber-attacks. Electronic health records have become the target for hackers in recent years. Therefore a good provider should have strong data security systems that will reduce your exposure to cyber threats.

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Importance of EHR computer systems for patients

The shift to electronic health records (EHRs) is considered one of the most significant components of health care reform in the US. Moving from paper to electronic health records has resulted in benefits for both health care providers and patients. While the benefits to doctors and hospitals are clear, people are often not aware of the importance of EHR computer systems for patients.

What is an Electronic Health Record
An electronic health record is a digitized version of a patient’s medical history.EHRs track illnesses, medications, surgeries, test results, and allergies of patients, allowing doctors to get a patient’s medical information at a glance.

EHRs are beneficial because they:

  • Improve Efficiency: Since doctors have real time access to EHR computer systems, issues such as duplication of tests is less likely, and medical errors are reduced.  This improves productivity, and facilitates the efficient delivery of health service, as a patient’s health record can be viewed simultaneously by all the health care providers that need it.
  • Improve Quality of Care: Information that is stored electronically can easily be shared with other computers or systems, and can be rapidly retrieved. This accessibility is of particular importance when patient information has to be reported quickly, so that physicians can make decisions on a timely basis.

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