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Chin Implant vs Fat Transfer: Which is best?

People who undergo chin augmentation generally do so because they want their chin to be stronger, and more defined. Chin enhancement has traditionally been done with the use of surgical implants, but fat transfer has recently become a popular alternative. They are both effective procedures for improving the definition of the chin, so how do you decide between chin implant vs fat transfer, and determine which is best. Let’s review the facts.

Chin Implant

Chin implant surgery involves the use of an implant to adjust the shape and size of the chin. Soft silicone implants are the most popular choice, but there are other types available. Chin implant surgery significantly improves the balance and harmony of the facial features.

Fat transfer

Structural fat transfer for chin augmentation uses a patient’s own fat to augment the chin. The fat is extracted via liposuction and is purified in a centrifuge, before being re-injected into the chin.

Which is best?

The choice of whether to go with a chin implant vs fat transfer really depends on your specific needs. In cases where chin protrusion needs to be enhanced considerably, a chin implant is usually recommended. Fat transfer is beneficial for those patients who require more moderate enhancement.

It should be noted that the results with fat transfer are less predictable, because some of the fat will be reabsorbed. There may also be some patients that can benefit from a chin implant and fat transfer.

In order to get the best results with fat transfer, be sure to select a physician with a lot of experience performing the procedure, as well as good technique.

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Is Kybella permanent?

There has been a lot of excitement since the rollout of Kybella, the new injectable that melts your double chin, without surgery. When injected under the chin Kybella dissolves fat, and also creates a minimal skin tightening effect. With so much buzz being generated everyone is asking – Is Kybella permanent?

What is Kybella?
Kybella is a non-surgical method for treating submental or under-chin fat, and it also improves neck contours.  Kybella is derived from deoxycholic acid which occurs naturally in the body, and helps to break down and absorb fat.

Is Kybella permanent?
Yes the effects of Kybella are permanent, because it ruptures the fat cell membranes, and this destroys the fat cells. Those fat cells don’t come back once they are destroyed.

Kybella Treatment
It typically takes a series of 4-6 treatments to dissolve chin fat using Kybella. The procedure involves making several injections into the chin area. It is a simple in-office treatment that can be done in 20-30 minutes. No anesthesia is required, but some physicians apply a numbing agent prior to the injections.

Most patients experience some tenderness after treatment, and possible side effects include inflammation, and bruising. However there is generally no downtime, so patients can resume regular activities right away.

Who is a good candidate?
The treatment is suitable for clients with mild to moderate submental fat. It is not recommended for individuals with extreme skin laxity in the chin area.

Nobody likes a double chin, but Kybella is an easy and effective way to reduce it. Kybella can dissolve the fat permanently over several weeks.

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