How to close the gaps in patient satisfaction with seamless healthcare IT.

Information technology has made some phenomenal changes to healthcare in the last two decades, and many of those changes have improved patient satisfaction. Nobody could have imagined that information technology would have helped to improve patient engagement, but there is still more to be done. Let’s find out how to close the gaps in patient satisfaction with seamless healthcare IT.

Seamless healthcare IT refers to the integration of patient information across a hospital’s network, and also across various care settings. As investments in technology increase, and data management software advances, the quality of care will improve.

Seamless healthcare IT will close the gaps in patient satisfaction by:

  • Increasing efficiency: Increasing the efficiency of physicians, will allow them to spend quality time with more patients. More meaningful interaction can take place, as healthcare IT innovations such as medical tablets and infotainment terminals, give doctors the tools they need to discuss relevant diagnoses and treatment options, right at the bedside. This is exactly what’s needed to boost patient engagement and satisfaction.
  • Increasing accessibility: Seamless healthcare IT will continue to make electronic health records (EHRs) available to clinicians, at the time and location they need it. This increased accessibility will help them respond to patients quickly, especially those in need of critical care. Patients will also be able to access their medical history, and this will help in controlling chronic illnesses.
  • Reducing Costs: Advancements in healthcare IT will result in even lower healthcare costs in the future. Factors such as increased efficiency and accessibility will make healthcare more affordable.

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