How Eye tracking technology is transforming healthcare

Patient infotainment terminals are among the most remarkable IT innovations in healthcare, but innovations are also taking place with eye tracking technology. Eye tracking technology is transforming healthcare, by providing the assistance immobile patients need to access infotainment devices.

Infotainment terminals in healthcare
Infotainment terminals are all-in-one entertainment solutions that are engaging and interactive, so it’s no surprise that they have helped boost patient satisfaction. They offer a variety of great entertainment options, as patients can use them to listen to music, communicate with family and friends via Skype, watch television, and more.

However, since these devices are generally operated using a remote control, they can’t be controlled by patients that are immobile. That’s where eye tracking technology comes in.

How eye tracking technology is transforming healthcare
Eye tracking technology allows patients that are immobile to manipulate bedside infotainment terminals. Here’s how it works.

There are now advanced infotainment systems that are equipped with eye tracking technology, which is capable of tracking a patient’s eye movements. Therefore, just by moving their eyes in a specific way, patients can operate their infotainment terminal. They can flip through TV channels, review their medical records, and request doctor or nurse visits.

Using these infotainment terminals gives immobile patients a sense of independence, so they don’t feel completely inadequate because of their physical challenges. The ability to access their bedside computer and interact with their surroundings without having to ask for assistance, also helps make their stay in the healthcare facility more comfortable.

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