What Features Should You Look for in a Bedside Monitor?

Thanks to technological advancements like infotainment bedside monitors, patients can be connected, entertained, and informed,while in their hospital room. These innovative bedside monitors not only boost patient satisfaction, but also meet the administrative and operational needs of staff. But what features should you look for in a bedside monitor.

What is a bedside monitor?
A bedside infotainment monitor is a computer system that combines health information to improve communication between clinicians and patients, along with entertainmentplatforms to better engage patients. The computers contain up-to-date patient data so there is no need for traditional bedside cards. Clinicians can therefore access electronic health information, and input notes and directives.

What features should you look for in a bedside monitor?
Infotainment bedside monitors should meet medical equipment standards and also satisfy the entertainment needs of patients. The bedside monitor should give patients the ability to communicate with family and friends, and provide them internet access and entertainment media (movies, games, music, etc.).

Infotainment bedside monitors should have the following:
• High resolution touch screen
• VOIP phone and webcam
• Internet capability
• RFID reader for quick data retrieval.
• Built in speakers
• Reading light

The monitor should also have an antibacterial surface and be water proof and germ resistant, so that it is safe for the hospital environment.

Infotainment bedside monitors have been a welcome addition to the healthcare facility because they increase efficiency, and enhance the patient experience.

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