What are the Features of a Quality Mobile Nursing Station?

Mobile nursing stations have brought about a revolution in healthcare, and changed nursing forever. The device continues to play a remarkable role in helping nurses boost their efficiency and productivity in the workplace. However, not all nursing stations are created equal, so what are the features of a quality mobile nursing station.

Mobile Nursing Stations
Mobile nursing stations have helped improve patient care. They allow nurses to streamline administrative processes, and they support the distribution of medication and supplies.Thanks to the mobile nursing station, multiple trips to a conventional nursing station to get patient charts and medication are thing of the past. It therefore saves time and money.

What are the features of a quality mobile nursing station?

  • Extended battery run time: Ideally, the battery should be able to last an entire shift, preferably 8-10 hours. This will ensure that the mobile nursing station remains up-and-running for a long time, and clinicians can rest assured thatthey can retrieve up-to-date patient information when needed.
  • Lightweight and portable: Nurses have to take the mobile nursing station from room to room, so it’s important that the device is easy to move around. This will allow nurses to do their jobs quickly, and without any physical discomfort.
  • Easy to clean: Since the mobile nursing station is going to be in use all the time, it ought to be easy to clean. It should therefore have a smooth surface that can be easily wiped clean and sterilized after use.

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