What does being a GSA Schedule Contract Holder mean for a company?

Doing business with the federal government can be a complex process, but it is made easier for companies that hold a GSA Schedule Contract. While a GSA Schedule contract is not required to do business with a federal agency, it is certainly beneficial. But what does being a GSA Schedule contract holder mean for a company.

What is a GSA schedule contract?
A General Services Administration (GSA) schedule contract is a long term contract that allows the holder to sell products and services to federal agencies.

How a company benefits as a GSA Schedule Contract Holder
Federal agencies are more likely to make purchases from companies that have GSA schedule contracts, because the process is already streamlined.  When doing business with a GSA schedule contract holder, the agency can rest assured that the prices, delivery times, and warranties are already pre-negotiated. This makes the acquisition process a lot simpler, as there is less paperwork.

A company that has a GSA schedule contract is viewed as a trusted source from which to purchase. They have already received the sealof approval, so a federal agency will consider them a suitable company with which to do business.

Companies that have a GSA schedule contract can be easily located via online GSA systems such as GSA Advantage. They can therefore be quickly accessed by buyers wishing to purchase their goods or services.

Onyx Healthcare USA Inc, located in Orange, CA was recently named a GSA Schedule contract holder. Onyx Healthcare is a leading provider of medically focused computer solutions. Being a preferred provider is certain to provide Onyx with added visibility, and facilitate more sales.

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