How a Healthcare appeals attorney can help you win your appeal

Since the recent passage of health care reforms, physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers are open to a lot more scrutiny. In addition, the changing regulatory requirements are very burdensome and stressful, so from time to time matters will arise that require the assistance of a healthcare appeals attorney.

Health care professionals often find it necessary to hire an attorney to handle appeals in such matters as peer reviews, compliance with federal and state health care laws, and Medicare and MediCal audits. Having expert representation can make all the difference in realizing the successful outcome of an appeal.

How healthcare appeals attorney can help

The appeals process is somewhat confusing to those who are not familiar with it. However, healthcare attorneys handle appeals on a regular basis, so they understand the process, and know the relevant procedural arguments that can be put forward in order to secure a victory.

Adverse decisions can negatively impact the career of healthcare professionals, so they need strong counsel when mounting an appeal. When an attorney has the requisite resources and knowledge, they can provide the detailed guidance necessary to effectively resolve disputes. In many cases their vigorous advocacy contributes to the success of the appeals process.

Having matters handled by a healthcare appeals attorney is one way to make certain that your rights are protected. You will certainly benefit from their knowledge of and experience in healthcare law. They can also carry out negotiations where necessary, and ensure that a beneficial settlement is arrived at.

If you are looking for an expert healthcare appeals attorney in California, then consider Nelson Hardiman, LLP. We have an impressive appellate practice, having successfully defended hospital and healthcare providers over many years. Call 310-203-2800 to schedule a consultation, or contact our office online at

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