How can I reduce my chances of re-injuring my ACL after surgery?

ACL injuries are all too common among athletes, and are often the result of landing awkwardly after a jump. Many athletes find it challenging to return to sports after injury, and some are fearful of re-injuring their ACL. So one of the questions they often ask is – How can I reduce my chances of re-injuring my ACL after surgery.

The ACLanterior cruciate ligament helps to stabilize the knee joint;therefore an injury affects the full function of the knee.

Here are 3 things you can do to reduce your chances of reinjuring your ACL

1.    Don’t return to active sports before recovering full strength and range of motion, as well as good stability.This may mean being out of action for up to 12 months, to ensure that the ACL is fully recovered.
2.    Do include a hip and trunk training program as part of your rehabilitation. Studies have shown that the combination of balance and strength body weight exercises along with Plyometricsreduces loads through the hip, knees, and ankles. This decreases muscle stress, and the risk of an ACL re-injury.
3.    Do continue to practice proper landing and deceleration even after rehabilitation. Knowing and using these techniques will reduce force, put less strain on the body, and reduce the risk of injury.

The re-injury to the ACL can be very devastating for athletes, but deciding when to return after injury is never easy. However, it is important not to rush your return to sporting activities.

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