How does technology affect patient engagement in the treatment process?

Today’s healthcare system has been transformed by the advances being made in health information technology. Much of the early technological development focused on improving the clinical process, but more recently the emphasis has been on patient engagement. But just how does technology affect patient engagement in the treatment process.

The existing emphasis on patient engagement has improved the delivery of health care, and strengthened the patient-physician relationship. Technology has made patient-centered care possible, facilitating fast and easy access to health information.

Benefits of technology to patient engagement in the treatment process

  • The availability of electronic health records that can be accessed via infotainment terminals at the patient’s bedside, makes it easier for doctors to communicate with patients. It facilitates more discussion between them, and allows the doctor to better organize treatment in accordance with the needs of the patient.
  • Mobile nursing workstations have made it easier for nurses to perform routine tasks. Nurses are able to update charts and dispense medications more efficiently, which means they have more time to provide better care to patients.  This has had a positive influence on patients, and improved the connectedness they feel with medical staff.
  • Data and test results are more accessible, and patients have information in real time, so that they can make more informed decisions. When patients are involved in decisions relating to their health and well-being, they experience a greater level of satisfaction.

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