How Long Does Laser Tattoo Removal Take?

If you are planning to have a tattoo removed soon, it’s important to find out how long the process is likely to take, so that you can make an informed decision.   Laser tattoo removal is certainly an effective way to erase that unwanted tattoo, but how long does it take.

How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

The laser energy is applied to the skin and is selectively absorbed by the tattoo ink particles in the dermis.  This process causes the particles to shatter into tiny fragments, which are flushed away by the body’s immune system over the following weeks.  Each additional laser treatment breaks down more ink particles until the tattoo is no longer visible (read more).

How Long Does Laser Tattoo Removal Take?

It can take anywhere from 5-12 treatments to completely remove a tattoo.  However, some people see their tattoo start to fade after only 2 sessions.  The number of sessions required varies, depending on factors such as the type of laser used, tattoo size, ink colors, and the age of the tattoo.

Type Of Laser

There are different types of lasers used for tattoo removal.  Older lasers can take 10-20 sessions to remove a tattoo, but newer lasers like the Pico laser can remove a tattoo up to 50% faster. 

Tattoo Size

Larger tattoos typically require more treatments, and the sessions are usually longer.

Ink Colors

Dark tattoo colors such as black and brown are easier to remove than brighter colors such as yellow and red.

Age Of The Tattoo

Some tattoo ink is naturally removed by the body over time, so older tattoos are generally easier to remove than newer ones.

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