How an attorney can help physical therapists

There are many legal and regulatory issues within the health care system, that impact the work of physical therapists, and an attorney can provide well-needed counsel on these matters. The job of a physical therapist is often stressful and challenging, so being able to rely on a team of trusted and experienced attorneys is important.

Attorneys can help physical therapists in matters relating to compliance, licensure, audits, contractual arrangements, regulatory defense, and litigation. Below are a few of the compliance issues with which legal expertise is often required:

• Compliance with the Stark Law and Anti-Kickback Statute – Physical therapists have to ensure that the physician arrangements they enter into, are in keeping with the guidelines of the Stark Law. Business arrangements that result in remuneration must also be reviewed in light of the Anti-Kickback Statue.
• Compliance with Medicaid’s billing and documentation requirements. This will ensure adherence to the reimbursement rules, so that claims can be reimbursed on a timely basis, and not be subject to denial.
• Compliance with HIPAA. Physical therapists must ensure that patient information is handled in compliance with the privacy requirements of the HIPAA. An attorney can help them understand the various privacy rules, and also assist in the implementation of policies that meet the stipulated guidelines.

By implementing proper compliance plans, physical therapists will be in good standing should they be audited by Medicare, Medicaid, or any other payor auditor.  However, should the need for audit defense arise, they can again rely on the expertise of their attorney in mounting an effective defense strategy.

The attorneys at Nelson Hardiman, Los Angeles, CA have extensive experience in representing physical therapists, and we do everything possible to get the best results. Call 310-203-2800 today for an appointment.

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