If your face is looking dull and tired, it’s time to pamper it with a facial. A customized facial will invigorate your skin cells, and leave your face looking smoother, youthful, and refreshed. But how are customized facials different?

Customized Facial
A customized facial is a treatment that is tailored to address your specific skin care needs. That means the products and techniques used are ideally suited to your skin type, and skin issues.

Whether your skin has been affected by environmental damage, or you are seeing the effects of premature aging, a customized facial is the perfect pick-me-up for your face.

Customized facials typically involve a series of steps that combine to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin.

Customized Facials – Pewaukee, WI
Whether you have oily, dry, or combination skin, we have a beauty treatment at Wisconsin Vein Center & MediSpa that’s just right for you. We will evaluate your skin, and then choose the facial that will give you the best results. Our facials include:

HydraFacial: Thisis a gentle and effective treatment for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It exfoliates dead skin cells, eliminates excess oil, deep cleans, and infuses the skin with nutrients. HydraFacial clears and tones the skin without irritation or redness.

DermaSound Facial:This facial uses ultrasound technology for facial rejuvenation. Itexfoliates, and also opens up the skin, so that moisturizers can penetrate deeper. DermaSound also helps to remodel collagen. It can be used to treat a range of skin concerns including sun spots, brown spots, and wrinkles.

Are you ready to put your best face forward? Contact Wisconsin Vein Center & MediSpa, Pewaukee, WI, to find out more about our customized facials. Call (262) 746-9088 today, and schedule an appointment with Dr. Deborah Manjoney.

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