How can technology improve patient satisfaction?

The comfort and satisfaction of patients is an important goal for hospitals and other health care facilities. As a result, many of them are turning to technology to help enhance the patient experience. The aim is to make the hospital stay as much like home as possible. But just how can technology improve patient satisfaction. Let’s take a look.

Satisfied patients are one of the best marketing tools available, and technology is an effective way to drive efficiency, improve quality of care, and enrich patient relationships.

Infotainment Technology
Patient satisfaction is also influenced by devices that offer them a more pleasant experience while in the hospital. Healthcare infotainment solutions are designed to fill this gap. These solutions typically contain a mix of multimedia entertainment and communication services, which are beneficial to both patients and staff.

The wireless bedside infotainment terminals are equipped with high speed processors, and have advanced features such as webcam, VoIP, and TV connection. They also contain secure access to up-to-date patient information.This allows physicians to quickly get their hands on essential clinical documentation, so that they can make informed decisions regarding treatment.

Healthcare infotainment solution by Onyx Healthcare
Onyx Healthcare provides several infotainment solutions for the healthcare industry. These are available in different sizes, and have diverse capabilities. The ONYX-BE182 is equipped with a high speed Intel processor, 18.5’ wide touch screen terminal, reading lamp, and more. It provides patients with entertainment on demand, Nurse Notification, and online access.

The ONYX-BE182 provides access to patient information, medical charting, and meal ordering service.It also has TV, computer, telephone, and radio capabilities in one compact device.

Contact Onyx Healthcare, Orange, CA, at 714-792-0774, to learn more about this and other healthcare infotainment solutions.

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