How does Latisse work?

Longer, fuller eyelashes have always been considered an attractive feature. If you have very fine lashes, and you’d like to give your eyes a fabulous fringe, ask your dermatologist about Latisse. It’s the first-ever prescription medication that promises patients super thick eyelashes. But how does Latisse work, and is it really as effective as they say.

How Latisse can help you?
It’s normal to loose eyelashes as a result of wear and tear, but they also fall out because of medical issues such as thyroid disorders and cancer (read more).

Whether your eyelashes have always been sparse, or they have recently started to thin due to aging, prescription serum Latisse can help. Latisse is a bimatoprost ophthalmic solution for the treatment of hypotrichosis (insufficient lashes).

How does Latisse work?
Researchers don’t know exactly how Latisse works, but when applied to the base of the eyelashes it helps them to grow longer and thicker. Latisse comes with an applicator that measures the recommended daily amount, and is applied only to the base of the upper lashes. Latisse should not be applied to the lower lashes.

Eyelashes have a growth cycle of about one or two months, and after this they move on to the resting phase before falling out. Latisse is able to keep the lashes in the growth phase, and provide the stimulation needed for them to grow longer.

It typically takes about 2 to 3 weeks to see results with Latisse. The effects of Latisse are temporary, because the lashes will eventually return to their previous appearance if you stop using it.

If you are interested in finding out more about Latisse and how it works, contact the Skin Care Center in Chicago, IL at 773-296-3636. You can also call 847-234-6121 for our Lake Forrest practice, and 847-901-0252 for our Glenview location.

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