Importance of EHR computer systems for patients

The shift to electronic health records (EHRs) is considered one of the most significant components of health care reform in the US. Moving from paper to electronic health records has resulted in benefits for both health care providers and patients. While the benefits to doctors and hospitals are clear, people are often not aware of the importance of EHR computer systems for patients.

What is an Electronic Health Record
An electronic health record is a digitized version of a patient’s medical history.EHRs track illnesses, medications, surgeries, test results, and allergies of patients, allowing doctors to get a patient’s medical information at a glance.

EHRs are beneficial because they:

  • Improve Efficiency: Since doctors have real time access to EHR computer systems, issues such as duplication of tests is less likely, and medical errors are reduced.  This improves productivity, and facilitates the efficient delivery of health service, as a patient’s health record can be viewed simultaneously by all the health care providers that need it.
  • Improve Quality of Care: Information that is stored electronically can easily be shared with other computers or systems, and can be rapidly retrieved. This accessibility is of particular importance when patient information has to be reported quickly, so that physicians can make decisions on a timely basis.

If EHR systems are to be as effective, they need to be powered on advanced systems and networks. Onyx Healthcare Inc provides a range of high quality medical devices to healthcare providers for this purpose.

In an effort to stay on the cutting-edge of medical technology, Onyx uses the latest intel processors to improve the power and graphic performance of the EHR systems it provides.

Onyx Healthcare has its headquarters in Orange, CA. They can be contacted at 714-792-0774 for further information on the EHR systems they offer.

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