Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

If you are unhappy with the short-term results you get with your usual hair removal methods, it may be time to consider laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is a quick, convenient way to remove unwanted hair on the face and body and get the silky-smooth skin you desire.  But is laser hair removal permanent?  

How Laser Hair Removal Works

The laser emits a concentrated beam of light that gets absorbed by the melanin (pigment) at the root of the hair follicle, and produces heat.  The heat generated damages the hair growth center of the hair follicle.

Laser hair removal can be done on almost any area of the body.  Popular treatment locations include the underarms, legs, bikini area, and upper lip.

Most patients say that laser hair removal feels like a rubber band snapping against the skin, but the treatment is generally well tolerated. 

There is no downtime after laser hair removal, but patients may experience some tenderness and redness that can last up to one week. 

A single laser hair removal session can take 35-45 minutes to complete.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Laser hair removal is not permanent, but it does provide long-term hair reduction.  After completing the recommended number of treatments, patients usually see 80-90% hair reduction.

The damage to the hair follicle may inhibit or delay future growth.  Some hair follicles that are damaged may heal and regrow hair.   When hair regrows after laser hair removal, it is usually much thinner than before. 

Touch-up appointments can be scheduled to maintain results.

How Long Do Laser Hair Removal Results Last?

The results of laser hair removal can last for several months or a few years, it all depends.  Factors such as hormones, medications, and genetics can stimulate the hair follicles and cause hair to regrow. 

Multiple laser hair removal treatments are needed to achieve optimal results because hair grows in cycles. The hair can only absorb sufficient laser light and generate the heat needed to destroy the hair follicle, during the active phase of the hair growth cycle.  Since all the hair is not actively growing at the same time, several sessions are required to treat the hair in a given area.  

Hair removal methods such as waxing, plucking, and shaving have to be repeated frequently to maintain hair-free skin,  but laser hair removal offers lasting results. Laser hair removal provides long-term results because it deals with hair growth in the follicle and does not focus on the hair only.  

Who Is A Good Candidate For Laser Hair Removal?

Individuals with dark hair and light skin interested in an alternative to traditional hair removal methods, are prime candidates for laser hair removal.  People with blonde or grey hair are not good candidates for the procedure because light hair does not have enough pigment to absorb the laser energy. 

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Laser hair removal is very safe when performed by a skilled, experienced provider.   In order to  achieve optimal results, it’s necessary to choose a provider with the expertise and technology to customize the treatment to fit your hair color and skin type. 

Laser Technology For Hair Removal

When laser hair removal began, the lasers did not work well on people with darker skin tones.   However, there are now advanced laser technologies like the Cutera CoolGlide Laser and the Cutera Pro Wave on the market.  These lasers can work on all skin types and skin tones safely and effectively.

Although the results of laser hair removal won’t last a lifetime, it’s possible to achieve permanent hair reduction with multiple treatments. 

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