Is there a resource to help protect my little pitchers arm?

Baseball is a wonderful sport for kids, they get lots of exercise, build self-confidence and gain friends. But it’s important to keep your child safe and protected during play, especially if they pitch. Arm pain and injury is quite common in baseball, and you may have asked the question, “Is there a resource to help protect my little pitchers arm?’ There is, but unfortunately many parents don’t know about it.

Elbow and shoulder injuries are common among young baseball pitchers, so protecting their pitching arm must certainly be a priority. In order to reduce the prevalence of arm injuries, the Little League has a clear set of guidelines for pitchers. The rules relate to the number of pitches that a pitcher can throw during each game, as well as time off requirements between pitching appearances.

Little League Safety Guidelines
These safety guidelines are the resource that parents and guardians have available to protect their kids’ pitching arm. In terms of pitch count, the regulations establish the number of pitches a child should take per game, and this varies for the different age groups. The policy should be enforced by an official scorekeeper, but parents also need to keep count of the number of pitches their child throws.

The designated rest periods are based on the number of pitches made in a day.  Also, kids are not allowed to pitch in more than one game per day. Research has shown that since the introduction of these guidelines, there have been fewer incidences of arm discomfort and injuries among Little League pitchers.

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