What is the latest advancement in medical eye-tracking technology?

Eye tracking technology has become an important part of healthcare, because it is an assistive technology for patients with musculoskeletal issues, as well as those experiencing problems with motor function. As a result, medical device companies have rolled out several devices that support eye tracking. But what is the latest advancement in medical eye tracking technology.

Medical eye tracking technology
Eye tracking medical devices are designed to track the movement and position of the eyeballs. The devices typically record where the patient’s attention is focused, and calculates the angle of view.

Eye tracking technology has been used a lot in medical research, but isnow regularly used in healthcare, because it allows patients that have experienced loss of motor functions to communicate. The devices are equipped with small cameras that track the eye movements of patients, allowing them to communicate via words and images on the computer monitor.

Latest advances in medical eye tracking technology
One of the latest advances in eye-tracking technology is a device that makes it possible to diagnose patients that have a concussion. This groundbreaking technology tracks abnormalities in eye movement that may be an early indication of a concussion.

How it works
The eye-tracking device is placed in front of the patient’s face and the computer then directs the patient to track a specific shape, so that their eye movements can be measured. During this time the device is able to evaluate if a patient has had a concussion.

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