What is new in healthcare advancements in Latin America?

The healthcare market in Latin America is experiencing rapid growth, and this has contributed to an increased demand for innovative medical devices. Health technology has become very important to  the region in recent years, as governments aim to reduce the burden on the health system by pursuing options such as telemedicine. So what is new in healthcare advancements in Latin America.

Healthcare in Latin America
Healthcare opportunities are on the rise in Latin America because of factors such as the aging population, and the continued increase in chronic diseases. These developments have created opportunities for investors in healthcare technology, to provide the medical devices needed, to meet the growing demands of the market.

Healthcare advancements in Latin America:

  • Telemedicine is booming, because a large number of rural  communities are underserved by physicians. As a result, there is a demand for medical devices that allow these populations access to doctors and specialists.
  • More countries in Latin American are recognizing the importance of establishing electronic medical records (EMR). EMR systems facilitate speedy access to patient records, thereby helping to reduce inefficiency, and improve quality of care.
  • Interoperability in healthcare is another area in which Latin America is making significant strides. In addition to EMRs, efforts are also being made to link pharmacy systems, imaging, and other clinical systems, to improve the delivery of care.

These are just some of the advances that require medical devices such as those manufactured by Onyx Healthcare. There is a demand for mobile technologies, as well as equipment for videoconferencing, patient monitoring, and diagnostics.

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