What are new medical computer advancements?

There is no doubt that the introduction of medical computers in healthcare has changed the health system for the better. Medical PCs have made medical practice easier for clinicians, and improved the patient experience. But what are some of the new medical computer advancements.

Medical Computer Advancements
The best medical computers are simple and user-friendly, and are specially designed to meet the safety standards of the health environment. They also have antimicrobial protection to guard against the spread of germs and viruses.

Medical device companies are always developing medical PCs that are faster, smarter, and more powerful. So it’s not surprising that Onyx Healthcare recently announced the development of the innovative Dual PCIe Medical Panel PC.

Dual PCIe Medical Panel PC
The Dual PCIe Medical Panel PC is designed to deliver superior performance. The state-of-the-art medical computer has several innovative features. It is equipped with a high-end PCIe [x16] graphic card that carries greater graphic capability.

The advanced medical PCalso has a versatile multi-touch screen which is a flexible featurethat improves accuracy, and allows clinicians to quickly zoom in and zoom out of images.The PC also delivers high definition video output that is DICOM compliant.

The LCD front panel of the Dual PCIe Medical Panel PCis waterproof, which prevents cleaning solutions used on the surface from affecting the device.

Best of all, the Dual PCIe Medical Panel PC can be customized, in order to meet the specific needs of any healthcare facility.

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