Onyx attends HIMSS in Vegas: Why it is important to meet with a rep.

There is an IT revolution taking place in healthcare, thanks to innovations such as telemedicine and mobile medical devices. The Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society (HIMSS) is an important part of that change. Onyx Healthcare attends the annual HIMSS conference and will also be in Vegas in 2016, so be sure to look out for Onyx reps. Why is it important to meet with a rep? There are several reasons (click here).

The IT breakthroughs in healthcare have created a shift in the standard healthcare model. The changes are impacting the delivery, access, and cost of healthcare, as well as the storage of patient information.

The HIMSS annual Conference and Exhibition brings together health IT professionals, vendors, and clinicians from around the world. It gives participants the chance to meet with colleagues and clients in the industry, and gain knowledge about upcoming developments.

Why meeting with a rep is important
IT is an integral part of the future of health care. Therefore, executives of healthcare organizations and health professionals have to be aware of new trends, or risk being left behind. The advanced technology is giving patients the opportunity to monitor their care, and help them determine the most appropriate therapies.

Meeting with a rep offers the chance for focused discussions about new technology. You can also gain invaluable hands-on experience with ground-breaking health IT products.

The digital healthcare revolution is just beginning, and it will continue to improve efficiency, and facilitate increased access to diagnostic treatment. Onyx Healthcare USA, Inc located in Orange, CA is committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective IT solutions for this purpose.  Call (714) 792-0774 for more information.

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