How Onyx is Changing Pharmacy

In the era of digital medicine, it should come as no surprise that the traditional pharmacy is also undergoing changes. The slow communication process that defined the old-style pharmacy, has given way to the digital pharmacy that offers smarter and faster service. Onyx Healthcare is at the forefront of these technological advances, but just how is Onyx changing pharmacy.

Digital pharmacy technology gives pharmacists access to more patient data, and facilitates improved communication with doctors and hospitals.

How Onyx is changing pharmacy
Onyx has developed a line of technologies, which are designed to create a digital pharmacy that resolves familiar pharmacy frustrations and limitations. The digital pharmacy focuses on providing smarter care, so there is no need for things such as emails or phone calls to insurers.

The technology is designed to reposition pharmacies, so that they become an integral part of the connected healthcare workflow. This repositioning allows pharmacists to access real-time patient records, giving them relevant information that can significantly reduce incidences of allergic reactions or drug interactions.

The digital pharmacy also allows pharmacists to offer informed counseling, based on their in-depth knowledge of the patient. As a result, patients can be motivated to take a more proactive role in their own health.

The Onyx pharmacy technology is a medical grade all-in-one computing system that is powered with advanced Intel processors. The technology facilitates the integration of EHRs into the digital pharmacy, so that prescriptions can be automatically transmitted and filled faster. It also reduces the chance of human errors, and is a time saver for employees (click here to learn more).

Would you like more information on pharmacy technology? Contact Onyx Healthcare USA, Inc, Orange, CA for more information.

Onyx designs and manufactures a range of medical grade computing platforms.

You can reach them at or by calling 714-792-0774.

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