Why is the Press Ganey Score important?

As hospitals seek to enhance patient satisfaction, there’s been a lot of focus on the Press Ganey scoring system. But just why is the Press Ganey score so important.

Press Ganey Score
Press Ganey is the leading provider of patient satisfaction healthcare surveys in the US. By giving patients the opportunity to grade the quality of the medical care they receive at hospitals or from clinicians, Press Ganey hopes to optimize the patient experience.

Why the Press Ganey Score is important
The Press Ganey score is a reflection of how well the needs of patients are being met in the existing hospital setting. The understanding gained from the Press Ganey score is intended to help hospitals see what areas need to be improved, in order to enhance patient experience.

The Press Ganey score is important because it highlights those processes or services within the healthcare system that need to be reviewed. The focus of the hospital or physician should be on finding solutions to make these processes or services better. The takeaway from any analysis of the Press Ganey scoring system should always be on how to make the patient experience better.

Addressing some of the shortcomings of the patient experience often requires the use of medical devices that are patient-focused, and also assist doctors and nurses in carrying out their duties.

Infotainment terminals have emerged as a way to engage patients, because they keep them entertained and connected. These devices enhance the comfort of the hospital experience, as patients can access multimedia entertainment. The infotainment terminal is also a clinical tool that clinicians can use to access patient information.

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