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Does High-quality Imagery Make a Difference in the Healthcare Industry?

High quality imagery provides unparalleled clarity and detail, and 4k imagery delivers more details than ever before. Smartphones, cameras, and televisions are some of the devices that have benefitted from the extra pixels in 4k imagery, but what about healthcare. Does high-quality imagery make a difference in the healthcare industry?

Understanding High quality imagery
High quality imagery results in an incredibly clear picture. A device with 4K offers a resolution of 3840 x 2160p, which is a higher pixel density than a full HD device. More pixels mean sharper, clearer images that have deeper, more intense colors.

Does High-quality Imagery Make a Difference in the Healthcare Industry?
High-quality imagery certainly makes a difference in healthcare, especially in the area of diagnostic imaging, where details are so important. Optimal image quality is always essential in healthcare as it helps radiologists accurately identify subtle variations in lesions and other irregularities, which could otherwise be missed.

When it comes to radiology, crisp, clear, sharp images are essential, and high-quality imagery provides the extreme clarity that’s needed to precisely assess images. Having a detailed view of images is just what healthcare providers need in their daily operations, particularly when quick assessments have to be made.

Very small details in images matter not only in radiology, but also in other critical areas such as the operating room and emergency room. These are spaces in which doctors and nurses need to see details that are vital to patient care, but may not be viewable without high quality imagery.

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Will Technology Increase Your Workload?

Electronic health records (EHRs) and other technological developments in healthcare, have enhanced patient care, and positively impacted medical processes. However despite the benefits, some physicians have complained that these new systems have increased their workload. But will technology really increase your workload.

Will Technology Increase Your Workload?
The introduction of technology in healthcare though beneficial, has brought with it new responsibilities for doctors.

Doctors now have to meet federal regulations relating to the ‘meaningful use’ of EHRs. This is a time-intensive exercise that requires tedious administrative work. In fact, some physicians are reporting that they are experiencing burnout because of the increased workload, and this has the potential to adversely impact healthcare delivery in the long term.

The truth is, if EHR is not properly implemented, doctors can end up paying more attention to the computer screen, thereby decreasing physician-patient interaction. When EHRs are not optimized, doctors aren’t able to enter information quickly, so they spend more time inputting data, and this takes away from time with patients. So technology can increase your workload, but it doesn’t have to.

In order to avoid the issue of increased workload, healthcare facilities need to make the integration of EHR a seamless process, by ensuring that the implementation process is guided by a quality expert (learn more).

The role of the quality expert is to make certain that the technology being earmarked matches the needs of the department. The technology should be relevant, easy-to-use, and improve workflows and efficiency.

In addition, healthcare facilities should seek to engage physicians and nurses in the decision making process, and provide the necessary training.

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Can Technology Be More Responsive for Medical Purposes?

The innovations in medical technology have brought huge benefits to healthcare in the last two decades. However, most of these devices are passive in nature, as they help clinicians identify, analyze, and distribute patient information, but do not play a responsive role in healthcare. So the question is now being asked – Can technology be more responsive for medical purposes.

Despite the technological advances made in healthcare, researchers are exploring new technology that will allow clinicians to offer more personalized care, and be more responsive to patient needs. These are known as intelligent medical devices.

Can Technology Be More Responsive for Medical Purposes?
It is possible for technology to be more responsive for medical purposes, and several ‘smart,’ medical devices are being developed in this regard. These next-generation medical devices can provide real understanding of complex health issues, as they have multiple biometric indicators that can process information quickly and provide faster feedback (learn more).

Intelligent medical devices are able to perform difficult diagnostic procedures, and they can monitor a patient’s health on a continuous basis, and provide timely response. These devices also use machine learning to collect and analyze data, in order to better diagnose diseases. They are also capable of recognizing infections and administering medication.

Medical technology is advancing rapidly, so intelligent medical devices will continue to be a major trend in healthcare in the coming years. It’s expected that these devices will provide further insights into patient care, and reduce operational costs. They will boost process automation, which will in turn improve workflow and promote diagnostic precision.

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Why Is Medical Certification Important?

There’s no doubt that technology is a driving force in healthcare, and technological innovation is helping the industry to transform and move forward. However, when choosing medical devices for use in your healthcare facility, it’s essential to select devices that are suitably certified. But why is medical certification important?

There is now an array of innovative medical devices available to clinicians, which provide access to information and interventions that were previously not offered. However, these devices must have the capability to withstand the rigors of the healthcare environment. That’s where medical certification comes in.

Why is medical certification important?
Medical certification is the only way to verify that medical devices that are being sold are safe and reliable. Medical certification also attests to the quality of the devices, as it confirms proper system design and functionality.

Consumers can be confident that medical devices that have received the requisite stamp of approval are safe for use. Certification is an indication that the medical device meets or exceeds the standards of safety, and will therefore enhance the patient experience. These standards are set by organizations such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and International Standards Organization (ISO).

The regulatory environment for medical technology in the US is quite demanding, as new technologies have to undergo rigorous quality and performance tests (read more).

There have been significant advancements in medical technology in the last few years, and medical devices have enhanced the delivery and quality of care, and improved outcomes. Medical certification has a huge role to play in ensuring that these medical devices are safe for use in a hospital setting, and will perform as designed.

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How Eye tracking technology is transforming healthcare

Patient infotainment terminals are among the most remarkable IT innovations in healthcare, but innovations are also taking place with eye tracking technology. Eye tracking technology is transforming healthcare, by providing the assistance immobile patients need to access infotainment devices.

Infotainment terminals in healthcare
Infotainment terminals are all-in-one entertainment solutions that are engaging and interactive, so it’s no surprise that they have helped boost patient satisfaction. They offer a variety of great entertainment options, as patients can use them to listen to music, communicate with family and friends via Skype, watch television, and more.

However, since these devices are generally operated using a remote control, they can’t be controlled by patients that are immobile. That’s where eye tracking technology comes in.

How eye tracking technology is transforming healthcare
Eye tracking technology allows patients that are immobile to manipulate bedside infotainment terminals. Here’s how it works.

There are now advanced infotainment systems that are equipped with eye tracking technology, which is capable of tracking a patient’s eye movements. Therefore, just by moving their eyes in a specific way, patients can operate their infotainment terminal. They can flip through TV channels, review their medical records, and request doctor or nurse visits.

Using these infotainment terminals gives immobile patients a sense of independence, so they don’t feel completely inadequate because of their physical challenges. The ability to access their bedside computer and interact with their surroundings without having to ask for assistance, also helps make their stay in the healthcare facility more comfortable.

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How Durable Should Medical Equipment Be Built?

The healthcare landscape has changed dramatically in the last few years, thanks to rapid advancements in medical equipment. Medical grade computers, tablets, and other devices have improved the standard of care, and enhanced efficiency. But these devices have to be reliable and durable for optimal function. But how durable should medical equipment be built.

Medical equipment must be able to withstand a lot of hard knocks in the healthcare environment, whether in the operating room, emergency room, or in the field. When lives are on the line there’s simply no time to repair or replace devices, so durability is essential.

How Durable Should Medical Equipment Be Built?
Medical equipment must be built to run for long periods without failing. Since healthcare workers have to focus on providing quality patient care, they have little time for anything else. That’s why they need medical equipment that can endure long work periods. The equipment should therefore have static parts that need to be replaced less often.

Medical equipment should also be structurally superior, so that they can withstand the rigors of the healthcare environment. Smaller devices such as medical tablets will have to endure spills, and should therefore be drop-resistant.Larger equipment like mobile nursing carts should be made out of robust material such as metal, so that they can last a long time.

In addition, medical equipment should be manufactured using materials that don’t show wear and tear easily. The surfaces should also be properly coated and sealed, so that liquid cannot get in and damage the interior.

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