Does Technology Affect the Patient Experience?

The patient experience through the healthcare system has traditionally been fraught with frustration and dissatisfaction, but it’s believed that the introduction of technology is helping to change that. Many healthcare organizations have adopted systems that are improving efficiency and helping to streamline tasks. But how does technology affect the patient experience.

Technology and the patient experience
There is no doubt that technology can impact a patient’s journey through the healthcare organization, and influence patient experience. A good patient experience is not only about getting treatment, as it includes all aspects of the journey from the initial appointment to discharge.

Does technology affect patient experience
Research carried out indicates that technology is affecting the patient experience for the better. Here’s how.

  • Technology boosts patient engagement. Patient engagement is an important component of the delivery of care, and helps to improve the bottom line. Patients that are engaged during their hospital stay are less likely to be readmitted quickly, so readmission cost savings can be realized. Solutions such as infotainment terminals elevate the patient experience, and benefit healthcare providers. Thanks to technology, patients are now taking a more active role in their own healthcare decisions.
  • Technology enhances patient satisfaction and outcomes. Digital tools provide the support needed to increase patient satisfaction, and add to the patient experience. Solutions such as mobile nursing carts streamline workflow and add value to the interaction between nurses and patients.

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