How Telemedicine is getting a Faster Performance

In today’s hi-tech environment medical technology is becoming so advanced, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with all the changes. High speed PCs, tablets, and smartphones are making healthcare more accessible, and enhancing patient care. So it’s not surprising that telemedicine is growing, and getting faster than ever before.

The growth of Telemedicine
Telemedicine was initially designed to allow healthcare professionals to use information technology and telecommunication devices to provide clinical services to patients in remote locations. However, it is now increasingly being used by hospitals and other healthcare facilities to serve the general population. In fact, telemedicine is gaining ground with the younger, tech-savvy population who don’t want to spend long hours in the doctor’s office.

How is telemedicine achieving faster performance?
Medical IT devices now have the capacity to handle more data, which means they can process huge volumes of information in a short time. Improved performance means greater efficiency, as staff can access information quickly in order to make the necessary evaluation and diagnosis, and recommend treatment.

Solutions like the Venus 223 mobile cart by Onyx Healthcare provide the speed that is helping to make telemedicine more efficient, as it allows clinicians to intervene faster.

The Venus 223 mobile cart is equipped with an Intel Skylake dual-core i7 processor that delivers improved performance, especially on mobile. It also supplies better graphics performance and has a long battery life. This makes it an ideal application for telemedicine, because it has the speed and connectivity healthcare practitioners need to work efficiently (read more).

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