What are the latest advances in medical computing technology?

Advances in computing technology are revolutionizing healthcare, and having a dramatic effect on the practice of medicine. The new technology impacts healthcare positively, as it improves communication among healthcare providers, facilitates access to electronic heath records (EHR), and much more. So what are some of the latest advances in medical computer technology?

Medical computing technology has sought to support the needs of clinical medicine, in order to enhance diagnosis and treatment, and improve the patient experience. Some of the latest advances include:

  • Electronic diagnostic systems: These systems are designed to analyze medical data, and diagnose illnesses. They are highly effective tools that help doctors spot signs and symptoms that might have otherwise gone undetected. They facilitate more accurate diagnosis, and provide advanced monitoring and assessment of patients.


  • Mobile Medical devices: Tools such as medical tablets improve access to healthcare, and make it more affordable. They link patients with health care providers and reduce the need for an office visit. Patients can link with their doctor regardless of where they happen to  be.


  • Healthcare Infotainment terminals: These bedside terminals are also powerful tools that improve patient outcomes. They function as a work station for doctors and nurses, while providing patients with a range of entertainment programs. Physicians are able to access electronic patient records and lab results, document observations, and more. The terminals help to improve physician-patient interaction, as doctors have the information they need to discuss diagnoses and treatment options in real-time.

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