What Can PRP Be Used For

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is an innovative medical procedure that has now gone mainstream,due to its versatility as a regenerative treatment.   PRP utilizes the power of the body’s natural healing properties to treat a variety of health issues.  Butwhat can PRP be used for?

What Can PRP Be Used For

PRP is enriched with platelets that help the blood to clot.   The plateletsalso contain natural healing agents known as growth factors.  These growth factorscan accelerate healing and regenerate tissue in different areas of the body, including the joints, hair, and skin. The PRP injections used for treatment are prepared from the patient’s blood.

  • PRPfor Joint Pain and Discomfort.  When PRP is injected into the affected joints, the platelets target the damaged tissue and release growth factors that repair tissue and fast-track healing.  PRP therapy relieves the pain associated with joint disorder and improves joint mobility and function.
  • PRP for Hair Loss. PRP combats hair loss by stimulating inactive hair follicles.   A tiny needle is used to inject the PRP serum into the thinning areas of the scalp, and the growth factors regenerate the hair follicles.  PRP therapy alsoincreases hair growth and makes existing hair stronger and thicker.   It typically takes 3 sessions to achieve the desired results.
  • PRP For Skin Rejuvenation.  PRP can rejuvenate dull, tired-looking skin and restore a youthful, glowing complexion.  When PRP is applied to the skin it renews the skin cells and adds subtle volume.  PRP is often combined with microneedling to get more dramatic skin rejuvenation.

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