What is infotainment? How can it assist with health patient care?

Infotainment is transforming healthcare delivery in America, and has added a more human dimension to patient care. Healthcare facilities now see it as a justifiable investment, because of the all-round benefits to doctors, nurses, and patients. But what is infotainment, and how can it assist with health patient care.

What is infotainment?
Infotainment terminals are enhancing medical information technology connectivity, and improving patient satisfaction. They are an all-in-one solution for both patients and hospital staff. The terminals are energy efficient, adjustable, and have an easy to use touchscreen interface.

Patients have access to entertainment and communication solutions via telephone, internet, and television services. They can enjoy features such as games, audio books, VOD, and IPTV, and also log on to hospital intranets. The bedside terminals are a great source of entertainment to patients, and help make their stay more comfortable. This is especially beneficial for those that are bed-ridden. Additional functionalities such as Skye allow them to connect with home.

How can it assist with patient care?
Infotainment terminals assist doctors and nurses to monitor patients more efficiently.  They can track a patient’s vital signs, and access up-to-date patient information including the results of X-rays and tests.

The terminal allows for greater communication and interaction between doctors and patients. It makes interactive dialogue possible, as the doctor can look at the patient’s medical information at their beside, review it, and discuss outcomes and procedures with the patient. Infotainment enhances the quality of health service, as health workers have easy access to relevant information.

Also, when patients are better informed about examinations, procedures, and operations, they are less apprehensive, and more co-operative.

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