What is Latisse® and Where Can I Get It?

Are your eyelashes looking thinner than usual?  If so, you might want to consider using Latisse to get fuller, lusher lashes. Latisse is an innovation that works effectively to grow eyelashes.  If that revelation has you curious about the product, you’re probably wondering – What is Latisse, and where can I get it? 

What Is Latisse?

Latisse (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) 0.03% is a prescription eyelash growth serum designed to make eyelashes longer, darker, and thicker.  It is the only growth serum that is FDA-approved and clinically proven to promote the growth of eyelashes.  

The active ingredient in Latisse is bimatoprost.  Bimatoprost is a solution used to treat elevated intraocular pressure (pressure inside the eye).

The benefit of bimatoprost for eyelash growth was found incidentally, when people being treated for elevated intraocular pressure noticed that their lashes were becoming longer and lusher.  The consequent clinical trials to study the lash-enhancing benefits of bimatoprost led to the formulation of Latisse. 

How Does Latisse Work?

Latisse should be applied nightly to the base of the upper eyelashes using a special single-use applicator.   It should not be applied to the lower lashes. 

Latisse is believed to work by extending the duration of the growth phase of the eyelash growth cycle.  This increases the number of lashes and makes them grow thicker and longer.  

Latisse should be applied as directed to ensure optimal results and avoid potential risks and complications.

When Will You See Results?

The results of Latisse occur gradually, so patients have to be diligent about applying the product as directed to achieve the desired outcomes.   It takes 12-16 weeks to see maximum results. 

Where Can You Get Latisse?

Latisse is available only by prescription.   If you are considering Latisse, you should first consult with a medical doctor for an assessment to determine if you are a good candidate for it.  

Getting Latisse from a doctor is meant to ensure patient safety as there are risks associated with the product.  Even though the safety and efficacy of Latisse have been confirmed, it must be used as directed to achieve optimal outcomes. 

Although Latisse is a safe formulation, patients should take the necessary precautions by doing a patch test before using the serum, to ensure that they are not allergic to the ingredients.  

Possible Side-Effects Of Latisse

Common side-effects associated with the use of Latisse include eye irritation, redness, and itchiness.  It can also cause darkening of the colored part of the eye, a condition which may be irreversible, according to Allergan, the makers of Latisse. 

Latisse should only be applied to the approved area at the base of the eyelash, as it could potentially cause hair growth if it comes in contact with other areas of the skin.

Latisse may also make the eyelid skin darker, but this side-effect is reversible. 

Is Latisse Worth It?

Most people that use Latisse experience an increase in the thickness and length of their lashes after about 2 months, and are satisfied with their results.   However, if they decide to stop using the product,  their lashes will eventually return to their previous appearance. 

Who Is A Good Candidate For Latisse?

If you have inadequate eyelashes and would like to make them thicker and longer, you may be a good candidate for Latisse. Latisse is generally safe for use by people with healthy eyes.  It is not recommended for people with eye problems.   

Latisse can provide impressive eyelash enhancement for the right candidate. Therefore, if you would like to have fuller, lusher, darker lashes, ask your doctor about Latisse. 

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