What is the latest technology to support radiology departments?

Many radiology departments across the US are now equipped with advanced imaging devices that are helping to revolutionize healthcare delivery. Thanks to these innovations, doctors are able to better view and evaluate medical conditions, and make more accurate diagnoses. But what is the latest technology to support radiology departments.

Radiology involves the use of imaging technology to provide a visual image of what is taking place inside the body, in order to diagnose and treat disease. Oftentimes radiology instruments help doctors to spot diseases at their earliest. This saves lives and also helps patients avoid more invasive procedures.  There are several types of imaging modalities used in radiology; in particular there is the computed tomography (CT) scan, and the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Technology for Radiology Departments
Having high-tech imaging equipment is improving the overall efficiency of radiology departments, and also saving money. These machines work faster, and provide more detailed results, thereby facilitating greater accuracy in diagnosing and treating various medical conditions.

The devices give a clearer picture of the problematic area, so that physicians have a ‘roadmap’ of where treatment needs to be directed, and are able to offer the most appropriate solution.  Advances in radiation technology have helped to improve the value and quality of healthcare in the US.

Onyx Healthcare Radiology solutions
At Onyx Healthcare Inc, Orange, CA, we recognize that radiology staff relies heavily on equipment that integrate advanced software and hardware components, and offer high speed graphic performance.

Onyx provides a wide range of state-of-the-art customer centric and medical PC solutions.  Our advanced medical devices for the radiology department include the 24″ Slim Projective Capacitive Touch Medical Monitor, and the fanless medical grade box PC.

Call 714-792-0774 for more information or go online to http://usa.onyx-healthcare.com/contact/.

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