What is the best procedure for correcting an ACL Tear?

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is an essential ligament in the knee. That’s perhaps why it is so prone to injury. An ACL tear may heal on its own, or may require surgery and because of this, many people are not sure what is the best procedure for correcting an ACL tear.  It’s advisable to consult an orthopedic surgeon if you have any signs of an ACL injury.

Understanding the ACL

The knee has four major ligaments that help to keep it stable during various activities, and the ACL is one of them. The ACL is responsible for keeping the knee stable when you pivot, turn, or twist.

ACL tears

The most common type of ACL tear occurs when you turn or pivot suddenly and change direction. It’s common among athletes when they are slowing down quickly, and turn or pivot as a result.

When the ACL tears, the knee will give way or buckle almost immediately. There may also be a popping sound, and then swelling starts quickly thereafter.  ACL tears should be treated immediately.

Best procedures for an ACL tear

The most appropriate procedure for an ACL tear depends on the extent of the tear, as surgery is not always required. Physical therapy is often recommended, but if the knee remains unstable after therapy, surgery may be the best option.

Arthroscopic surgery is one of the best procedures for an ACL tear, as it significantly improves knee function. It involves the use of an endoscope to assist the surgeon with the operation. The device is inserted via a small incision, and allows for improved visualization.

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